Occupational Therapist Grants and Scholarships

The cost of an occupational therapy degree program can be fairly high, and many students are able to apply for various types of occupational therapy scholarships or occupational therapy grants to finance their education. Occupational therapist scholarships and grants can help to offset many of the costs of an occupational therapy degree program at all levels of study. You'll find a number of grants and scholarships offered by corporations, private individuals, state occupational therapy associations and some schools. Taking some time to research different options can help you find a scholarship or grant program that will help to pay for some or all of your education.

Types of Occupational Therapy Scholarships

A good place to start your search for occupational therapy scholarships is on the American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc. website (AOTA). The AOTA lists a number of scholarships offered by the American Occupational Therapy Foundation (AOTF). These include more than 50 scholarships every year for students who are enrolled in an occupational therapy program at any level of study. To be eligible for these types of occupational therapist scholarships, the student must be a full-time student in an accredited occupational therapy educational program, and also be an AOTA member.

Some of the different types of occupational therapy scholarships available for students interested in a lifelong career in this field include:

  • AOTA E.K. Wise Scholarship
  • AMBUCS Scholars Scholarships
  • American Occupational Therapy Foundation State Association Scholarships
  • Shirley Elings Memorial Scholarship
  • Mary Fiorentino Scholarship
  • Kappa Delta Phi Scholarship
  • Carolyn Kohn Memorial Scholarship
  • North Coast Medical Scholarship
  • Ohio OTA Rosa Hartsook Scholarship
  • Oppenheimer Scholarship
  • Carlotta Welles Scholarship
  • Willard and Spackman Scholarship
  • Florence wood/Arkansas Occupational Therapy Association Scholarship

Applying for Occupational Therapist Scholarships

Some students enrolling in an occupational therapy assistant program are also eligible to apply for occupational therapist scholarships and grants. Take some time to review eligibility requirements of each program and learn about the award amounts and limitations. Some awards are only granted to U.S. citizens and can only be awarded once per year. The maximum award amount and selection criteria will be listed on the application.

You may also be able to find information about occupational therapist scholarships by talking to an academic advisor or counselor at your school. Don't miss out on the opportunity to apply for occupational therapy scholarships and grants directly through your school. Some schools offer several scholarships only for students who are currently enrolled in their program and meet certain requirements.

Information on Occupational Therapy Grants

Occupational therapy grants can cover the cost of an advanced occupational therapy degree program and are geared towards students who are interested in a research program or other type of advanced studies. Occupational therapy grants are typically offered by private companies and individuals that are interested in supporting or funding a research project. You may also be able to get an occupational therapy grant directly through your school or college. When you are enrolling in a master's degree or doctorate degree program, check with your school to see if you would be eligible for occupational therapy grants or scholarships that will support your educational career.