Occupational Therapist Job Description and Career

The growing field of occupational therapy is among the most rewarding careers in the healthcare field, and you'll find a variety of occupational therapy jobs and options available at several different types of healthcare facilities and organizations in the area. You can secure occupational therapy jobs through a hiring agency or directly through an employer. The types of occupational therapist jobs you are qualified to apply for will vary depending on the level of education you've completed and the location of your employer.

You can find numerous training programs for occupational therapy career paths in your area. Take some time to review an occupational therapist job description to learn about any specialized skills or training needed to fulfill your job requirements.

Training for Occupational Therapy Jobs

Training programs for occupational therapy jobs range from degree programs with a certificate in occupational therapy, to master's degree and doctorate degree programs in the field. Completing a bachelor's degree in a related field and then a certification program will allow you to apply for entry-level occupational therapist jobs. Some employers do offer some training and skills assessments for occupational therapists on the job, but you will need to have completed most of your training in a classroom setting and through work experience in order to qualify for a successful occupational therapy career.

Occupational Therapist Job Description

When you are applying for occupational therapy jobs, take some time to review the occupational therapist job description and learn about your key duties and responsibilities for the position. The occupational therapist job description will outline your daily functions, tasks and goals you need to achieve throughout the year.

The job description will also include some of the key skills you need to perform your tasks, basic educational requirements for the position, and any advanced training you may need to have completed in order to succeed in your career. It's rare to find salary information about the position within the occupational therapist job description, but you may find a salary range or information about pay scales within the job description in some cases. Most employers will discuss salary information during the final stages of the interview process.

Facilities that Offer Occupational Therapist Jobs

You can begin your search for occupational therapist jobs by contacting the organizations and practices that directly hire occupational therapist. You can also work with healthcare hiring agencies that are responsible for placing suitable candidates in contract positions. Occupational therapist jobs offered on a contract basis may eventually lead to a permanent position, and can give candidates a chance to obtain valuable work experience for their occupational therapy career.

Examples of facilities that offer occupational therapist jobs include:

  • Academic institutions such as universities and colleges with healthcare facilities
  • Sports organizations that work with physical therapists and trainers
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Home health care organizations
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Nursing homes
  • Outpatient facilities
  • Private practices

Some therapists who choose not to work for an employer and apply for occupational therapist jobs may choose to work independently and offer various types of healthcare services to the public. They may also host educational workshops or work with companies that want to educate and inform people about the importance of healthcare, exercising and stretching.